General Terms and Conditions:

Item descriptions: Whilst every  care  has  been  taken  to  provide  an  accurate  representation  of  the  prints, other items  and original drawings available  for  purchase,  this  does  not  guarantee  a  perfect  reproduction  of  the  original  as  scanning techniques, individual screen sizes and settings will alter individual colour reproduction. To  help  you  make  your  selection  approximate  sizes  of  all  prints  and  drawings  have  been  included  in  the catalogue. These are for guidance only and should not be taken for exact measurements.

Copyright: In  accordance  with  international  copyright  law,  copyright  of  all  works  displayed  and  sold  on  this  site remains  the  property  of  the  artist.  No  copying  of  the  work  in  any  form,  for  any  purpose,  private  or commercial, is allowed without prior agreement in writing from the artist.

Pricing: All  goods  offered  for  sale  though  this  web  site  are  priced  in  Pounds  Sterling  and  are  not  subject  to Value Added Tax. N.B. Payment   of   any   import   duties   or   taxes   that   may   apply   in   countries   outside   the   UK   remain   the responsibility  of  the  customer.  Any  customs,  taxes  or  import  duties  will  be  levied  once  the  package reaches  its  destination.  As  customs  policies  vary  from  country  to  country  you  are  advised  to  contact your local customs office for further information. Prices  do  not  include  postage  and  packing,  which  will  be  charged  as  an  additional  cost  on  relevant orders. Prices  are  subject  to  change  without  notice.  The  prices  displayed  in  this  store  supersede  any  others previously quoted.

Delivery: All  delivery  charges  are  indicated  at  the  checkout  BEFORE  you  are  asked  for  payment  and  depend upon your postal choice and location. All  orders  are  accepted  subject  to  availability.  Whilst  every  effort  is  made  to  ensure  that  prints/drawings which  have  been  sold  or  discontinued  are  removed  from  the  site  as  soon  as  possible,  some  delays  may occur. Should this happen you will receive a full refund. All  orders  should  be  dispatched  within  2  working  days  of  receipt unless specified as a pre-order  and  should  be  received  by  you within  5  working  days  dependent  upon  your  location  and  choice  of  postage.  If  you  do  not  receive  your goods within this time please do not hesitate to contact me.

Returns and Refunds: In the event that you have a change of heart once you have made your purchase, you are entitled to a 7-day 'cooling off' period. This means that you can cancel your order from the moment you place it, up to 7 working days from when you receive your goods. We will happily exchange or refund. your goods within this timescale, provided they are returned (at your cost) in their original condition i.e. unopened, unused and unsullied.

If an item is damaged or faulty, you will be offered a full refund or exchange. This return should be made in what is deemed to be a reasonable amount of time from receipt of the item. You will need to notify us in writing providing your name, item description and reason for return. For contact via post our address is You must then mail the item back to us to the following address Old Climshurst, Heathfield Road, Burwash Common, East Sussex, TN19 7NB.